UK Jewellery Retail Chain
Links of London

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British jewellery brand Links of London approached me to consult on improving the usability of their website ultimately increasing their conversion rates.

My first step was to rework their static designs supplied by a third party for a site re-design. I added key e-commerce features and revamped their user interface.

Key areas of concern were Product Listing, Product Detail, and checkout pages. Using copy & visual cues, outlining the checkout process & optimising the experience for mobile users were utilised to improve the user journey.

I was also put in charge of quality checking front-end development from a third-party development team. The results were faster loading speeds, improved semantics, increased in-page SEO, and higher natural organic search results.

Links Of London Screenshot 01
Links Of London  Screenshot 02
Links Of London Screenshot 03
Links Of London Screenshot 03
Links Of London Screenshot 05
Links Of London  Screenshot 06

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